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16 March 2011 @ 04:01 pm
Orlando on Lorraine and new interviews in Spain  
Orlando will be pn Lorraine - Friday, 18th March at 8.30am on ITV1:

There are also new interviews to Orlando, thanks to Spanish Lapatilla.com, you can read the Google translation :

British Orlando Bloom, teen idol thanks to his appearances in "The Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean", feels himself more attractive than ever since he settled down with model Miranda Kerr and the birth of newborn son Flynn: "Being a parent makes you more sexy," says the actor.
"Seduction doesn't diseppear having a child. Having a child has focused me in the right direction, because small things have become less important. It is the most challenging role I've done so far and I feel blessed, "the actor told Efe, although he did not want to talk about his personal life, he could not avoid passing on their enthusiasm for being a new parent.
At 34, Bloom still expands as a teen idol and now preparing to raze two roles: the Duke of Buckingham in the new version of "The Three Musketeers" - "a different character, which fails to be rude but is like a big kid, "he says, and his return to the Elvish world" The Hobbit "movie about he does not say a word. "They do not allow me", he explains.
Bloom acknowledges that wanted to be an actor to live different lives and adopt different images:shot to fame with the platinum blond Legolas in "Lord of the Rings", then joined the look "dirty-chic of Jack Sparrow pirate ship and is now preparing to absolutist France of "The Three Musketeers."
After meeting Spain in depth during the film "Kingdom of Heaven" in Seville and Loarre (Huesca) in 2004, today he has gone through Madrid to find out what you can not tell through the screen: the smell. And so his style links free, open and relaxed to the Boss fragrance Hugo Boss Orange.
For this work as a model, Bloom has been surrounded by the best and has shot the ad with the top director of the music video world, Swedish Jonas Akerlund-author of the popular "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce, and photographer Steven Klein . "It was a very spontaneous experience" said the interpreter.
But he keeps the record straight: "I was interested in the idea of ​​free spirit who spread this fragrance the perfume itself. In fact, I was not the kind of person who puts on shaving cologne. "
How do you reconcile that free spirit and the open-minded conservative Hollywood corsets and pace of superstar? The actor sentence: "I don't consider myself part of Hollywood. I like working in films and have had fantastic experiences there, but that's all, "he admits.
Now that the boat came down from Johnny Depp for the fourth installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean" - "I decided before I knew Penelope would enter the draft," said-he enlisted, in contrast, more independent crews, as the directorial debut of Mark Ruffalo "Sympathy for Delicious."
"I love independent films, are movies I like to see when I go to the movies theaters.And the process of working on them has much more freedom and less pressure, "he reflects.
Bloom forms, indeed, are not big star: the interview begins even before the time and rarely takes a solo role in a movie.
"My ego is fine. I like working with other actors and I feel very fortunate to have shared the stage with Johnny Depp or Viggo Mortensen, who was also an ethical reference for me, "he said.

Another interview is from GQ Spain, read the translation :

Orlando Bloom can boast a girl (he is in a relationship with the top Miranda Kerr), work (one of the most sought after actors of the moment) and being the image of Boss Orange (Wednesday will be 16 in El Corte Ingles Castellana receiving their fans).
On the occasion of his visit to Madrid we could share with Bloom a bit of chat. Currently, the actor has a portfolio of four projects among which include playing back Legolas' role ìn "The Hobbitt 'and the Duke of Buckingham in the new version of' The Three Musketeers', which keeps his busy schedule for the coming months. Despite all this he confesses that he considered himself a free spirit.

In addition, Bloom speaks wonders of Spain. I love the country, especially Barcelona, ​​and called the attention of people partying until 4 in the morning: "But when people sleep?" He
asked. His style icon is Steve McQueen the actor, but if we talk about cinema, the English actor is very clear: Paul Newman.
1 .- Essential in your closet
The 'jeans', boots, jackets, shirts and ties.

2 .- Accessories
Watches, handbags and hats.

3 .- Do you follow a routine of image?
I think the best you can do to look good is to feel at ease with yourself. And, of course, Boss Orange. What I like about this fragrance is that on the day gives you a perfect young urban twist, but at night gives you a different point to other people.

4 .- A symbol of style
Steve McQueen

5 .- Your female icon
Audrey Hepburn.

6 .- Gadget without which you couldn't live
The Blackberry.

7 .- Do you use social networks?
No, I do not usually use.

8 .- A weekend getaway
Hever Castle, in the United Kingdom, a castle where Anne Boleyn lived.

9 .- Your best vacation
I think in Spain, in Barcelona.

10 .- A film
'The Hustler', 'Taxi Driver' ...

11 .- A Book
'The Fountainhead' by Aym Rand.

12 .- What's on your iPod?
Kings of Leon.

13 .- Your favorite TV program
'Modern Family', I discovered a while ago and I love it.

14 .- A cocktail bar
Better than a bar, a country where a night out: Spain. I draw much attention that people are party to four or five in the morning. When do they sleep?

15 .- A restaurant
The Wolseley, London.

16 .- The biggest quirk that you have given
My bike Ducati.

17 .- Your seduction tactics
I do not know ... I like this fragrance because I think it can help in the conquest of a woman. I think you should make a good impression and show how you are, and Boss Orange helps you do it. Gives a free spirit who think that, personally, very much reflects how I am.

18 .- The GQ time of your life
When I presented an Oscar a few years ago. Everything about that moment, from getting dressed to go on stage, was very GQ.

19 .- What does a GQ man have?
Integrity and style. You must be a 'gentleman'.

20 .- A GQ man
Viggo Mortensen.

And first pics of Orlando at El Corte Ingles in Madrid for the Boss Orange launch:

Image and video hosting by TinyPicimagebam.com

source twitter.com/m_oreillya and twitter.com/CristiPedroche

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